Top 10 Romantic & Unique Birthday Gifts for Husband

Well it is that time again and you need a unique birthday gift for husband and you are out of ideas.
Men are more difficult to buy for and are more limited to wants and needs than those of women. By giving a gift shows your appreciation. Men are awkward to please so here are some special ideas that fufuh are sharing with you that you may be able to use for some inspiration to buy that romantic birthday gift for husband.

1.Cook him something
Whether it be having a picnic in the backyard or cooking him his favourite meal it’s time to bring out the wine and enjoy a special meal together. A good idea is to ring a family member and find out what was his favourite meal when he was younger and bring out the creativeness and cook something similar.

2. Book a hotel room
Enjoy some time alone together however you want by booking into a motel just the two of you and dine together with a special bottle of wine. Order room service and enjoy being waited on for the weekend.

3. Surprise party
Nothing is better than a surprise party. Invite friends and family to enjoy some time together whether your hire a place out or have it at home there is nothing more special than a celebration with friends and family.

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4. Walk down memory lane
Make a booking in the restaurant that you may have dined together when you met or if you had a honeymoon spend a night in the same hotel and room as you did back then. Make something romantic like a picnic when you first met.

5. Make the day about him
Plan everything around your husband for the day. Make him breakfast, do things for the whole day he would like to do even if it will drive you crazy. The day is hubby’s special day.

6. Bake a cake
there is Nothing cuter than baking his favourite cake and add a little quote. You can even get a cake decorator to make you up a photo for the top of the cake of a special moment you two shared together.

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7. Go on an adventure
Do something out of the ordinary. If you two have dreamed about skydiving or going on a balloon ride, then it is time to do it. Hold your breath and just jump in and do it. You only live once.

8. Clean up his office or something that needs doing and he doesn’t want to do it, do it for him.
Once you have cleaned or organized his desk, or shed whatever it may decorate it with birthday gifts and decorations. Fufuh have some great office organization storage and accessories.

9. Buy him a new gadget
Men love gadgets even if they are useless and make the task more complicated and harder they still love gadgets. Some good ideas are a gadget for the car, a new tool, a video camera. Check out the latest infomercials to get some ideas of the latest tech gadgets out.

10. A personalized gift
Frame a picture of you two together or get a clock personalized with a picture or even a nice piece of jewellery that you can engrave with a nice message. At fufuh, you can find some lovely frames that make a perfect gift or that something special to get engraved.

If you are looking for that special unique gift that you can buy online from the comfort of your home head on over to where there is a special gift for all the dads.

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